The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


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Repetitive Stress Injury, eg. from cranking your shoulder in a weird way over and over again to land a new laceration trick


Damn…I thought I was the only one!!!

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Been working on this Andrew Bergen red triangle combo for a while and yesterday I landed it for the first time and a couple things clicked. Landing it pretty consistently now


Crazy trick! Well done Shatter!

And sorry to hear about the injury MarkD :frowning: :frowning:


I landed hobbygod’s Fun GT… off camera :open_mouth:


haha omg I’ve gone nothing but downhill with this trick since posting this! >.<’

I’ll get it down consistent eventually…but I’m not pressuring myself on this. I do land it…it just takes me about 1.4 infinity attempts first xP. I had a realization though earlier today that my problem I think I’m having with the second part, is I’m not popping the yo up in the air properly.
I’ll get it down. I’m just taking my time.

I was getting a bit stressed while working on kamikaze and kwyjibo again.

I’ve slowed down a bit…but at the same time I’m also putting more time into throwing. I’m focusing on just getting my basic tricks down, and I repeat them a certain number of times each day…and in between those I’ve been working on some of the tricks I’m struggling on (mainly kamikaze, budha’s revenge and kwyjibo atm).
But I’m having a ton of fun doing it…and I’ve made very noticeable progress on my consistency with things like rewind and a long’ish combo I’m working on that include parts of skin the gerbil, cold fusion and rewind, with pinwheels and other things lol. I might post a vid of the combo someday, but I’m overweight and scared as hell of revealing myself in a video haha xP.
I really like having a list to work through…keeps me focused.


Awesome! Haha good job. Get it on camera now for the crew.


You aren’t alone. It’s the same for me. Out of hundreds of attempts, I have only successfully completed Kwijibo six times (each time on a different yoyo).

Part of the problem for me may be that I can’t see what’s going on amidst the criss-crossed tangle of strings and arms in front of my face, and so landing the first or third element is completely a matter of luck (currently). And I have rotten luck…


We’ll get there :smiley: We just gotta some how push through the frustration and discouragement /sigh.

I’m kinda blindly hoping that it’s just one of those things that if I keep trying, it’ll one day just start to somehow work itself out and I’ll somehow just start landing it more and more consistently.

Sure is frustrating though!

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That is precisely the philosophy I adopted after finally getting a handle on the basic trapeze mount last August. It is the cornerstone of my Never Give Up on a Trick mantra.


Has it worked for you then?
The whole idea of “just keep practicing and somehow it’ll just start happening” thing? lol cause I’m blindly hoping for this, though I’m not 100% confident it’ll actually work out on the tricks I’m struggling with right now.


Yes, it has worked time and again, to varying degrees of success. A relentless attitude towards practicing a trick, and an insistence on never giving up have been the only things that have allowed me to get consistent with:

  • Trapeze
  • Double or Nothing
  • 1.5 mount
  • Flips
  • Barrel Rolls

But the first part of Black Hops is just a triple or nothing! Kidding… I know what you mean. Those hops back are a killer eh! My advise… try and pop the yo-yo straight up and then cut straight into the string. It’s like two separate motions pop then cut instead of the simultaneous pop and pull you do in the first round of hops. Good Luck!

Yeah, looking back on it…it’s been working out wth me as well.
Like with rewind (lol I love that trick. Always have. It’s relatively easy, but it looks cool and feels great to pull off)…it’s taken a ton of persistence and determination to not give up on it…to start getting consistent with it.

Already got it :slight_smile:
Onto the second part!


After posting this yesterday, I worked on Kwyjibo a bit more. I had a BIG realization. It’s not that I’m popping the yo up wrong…it’s that I’m popping it up, and immediately uncrossing my hands and trying to finish the trick.
I wasn’t giving enough time for there to be string for me to hit with my finger.
lol I don’t know how to make this make sense xP.
But I tried to give the yo a second in the air before uncrossing my hands…and yeah! It helped a ton!

I just landed 4 complete kwyjibos in my last 6 attempts! :smiley:
Holy hell is it satisfying to land! What a cool freaking trick!

haha I’m scared this is all a fluke…that tomorrow I’m going to wake up and play around with my yo and it’s going to take me another 1.4’ish infinities to land again! >.<’
I’ve made a major breakthrough though! I finally figured out what I’ve been doing wrong on this!! :smiley:

Oh! And I’m finally getting Boingy-Boing down!!! I can only hit 10-15 before losing control…but I’m really happy with my progress.
This is another trick I was never able to do 15’ish years ago!


I finally landed Brent Stole today. I’ve been trying it on and off for about a month now. I watched a new tutorial on it that had a few different views on the trick and started nailing it, so stoked!


Congrats! Now to get it consistent!!


nice, I remember landing brent stole for my first time and freaking out when I did.

PS. Brent stole is one of my favorite tricks

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