The grind 4.5 - 5A vid



Nice!!! I just started learning 5a and recently got down 5a double or nothing with a supernova jon rob gave me…Could you make a tutorial for any tricks?


thanks for the comment !

here’s the tutorial for part of the last trick of the vid


I like your style how long have you been playing 5a?


Thanks, I started throwing in october 2010 in 1A and I picked up 5A around late spring 2011 for a few months, then got back to 1A for a short time to grasp some more of the basics, then I decided to go all out in 5A for french nationals.

since then, I do 99% of 5A and I’ve been practicing a lot for EYYC, which is why I call those vids “the grind” as they reflect my grind to up my skills as much as possible so I don’t look too ridiculous when facing european best 5A players