The Greatest freestyle I've ever seen

I think it’s a sign that a pair of these would be 420$ cuz I’d have to fire one up to stomach paying that for my first 3A set.

I never really thought about this but your post made me try to think of someone who used plastics for 3a at a higher level but I couldn’t think of any in recent memory :joy:

And then I thought about what people used in finals at worlds and minato uses anomalies, thawhir uses awoken Anubis, mizuki used anomalies before he got TMs, and pretty sure Tomoya used a TP bimetal :sweat_smile:

but Replay Pros or Protostars work fine starting out :grimacing:


Ill probably end up starting on some Replay Pros soon. I’m at least at a basic level for every style except 3A. In the meantime I’ll practice with my off hand a little bit.


How bout 2 Ti Vayders? I think my arthritis would be raging after any extended practice with 2 Replay Pros. Does the extra weight of typical 3A throws help other than stability? Would something lighter that is still powerful and stable like MVP or Ti Vayder be decent?

3a throws are generally heavier mainly because of stability. Having something a little slower and more solid is nice too but that’s not as big of a deal.

If you have something lighter like 64g that still has a good amount of rim weight it’ll be fine.

Idk if I’d use Ti Vayders because they are incredibly loud when they collide.

MVPs should be fine though. Our multi time worlds runner up(rip) used MVP 3s here:

Also his signature yoyo is 64g(which Don Hodge also used for his finals routine) so clearly a heavy yoyo isn’t necessary


MVP3 it is then. Let the 3A begin.


You’re more ambitious than me. I was just going to get a 2nd Replay Pro in addition to the one I was already planning on buying at some point. I know I
would destroy a pair of metals.

I’m looking forward to the destruction! 3A marks are pimp!

I think if I was on a budget and wanted to dabble in 3a without resorting to plastic, I’d just get a pair of Shark’s Honors or Nodes. They’ll have more stability and spin time, on average, than any plastic yoyo in the same $15 price range. And being so inexpensive you don’t have to worry about how many dings they will get.

But MVPs are like 20$ on the bst!

Has anyone done a double fingerspin in 3A or 4A yet?

Ah, yeah, the BST is a great place to get good deals like that…but for 3a you have to find two of something, which can take a while depending on what you are trying to get two of…

Took me less than 2hrs to find a 2nd MVP on the BST! :grin:


How much did that cost you? The design intrigues me and im gonna look for one eventually.

2nd’s a trade, but I paid 20 or 25$ for my first. It had one tiny ding. Amazing yoyo! You’ll love it.

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Are you referring to the MVP3? At ~46mm wide that seems a bit too wide for 3A to me, especially if just starting out.


I think people overplay how much width is actually a factor in 3a. You’re getting into similar mounts as in 1a so something that’s fine for 1a should be fine for 3a. It’s why the width of a lot of 3a throws is still around ~43 rather than <40.

A bigger issue I guess is if you’re swinging the yoyos near each other like in 3a trapeze but you’re not doing much of that type of stuff as a beginner anyway. You’re doing isolated stuff with each yoyo

Idk width was never much of an issue for me in 1a either tho so :man_shrugging:

1a Give me a 47mm or 39mm it’s all pretty much the same to me not much difference


Awesome! Ill have to look into it one day.

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Sponsor me for team ti Vayder and I’ll do it :joy: