The Golden Ticket

I don’t know if you guys can, but you should have a golden ticket go out once in a blue moon with a YYE trading card pack. It would be only in the trading cards that come free with the bought boxes. You could give away a nice yoyo with every golden ticket.

Who wouldn’t be even more excited to unbox their yoyo’s if they knew they might get a Golden Ticket!
I probably would have bought up all of your cheap yoyo’s already trying to get the golden ticket. See, its already increasing sales.

Did yu watch willy wonka lol ;D
or did yu see the deadly spins promotions

No it was totally random and honest. I was watching an unboxing that was just posted and I thought how sweet it would be. Deadly spins are doing something similar? Guess I will go check it out lol. ;D


Also YYE has their winter giveaway with prizes hidden in their card packs. Lots and lots of prizes. They kind of already do it so you’re right, it’s a great idea! :wink:

Oh man!! I’m so behind the 8-ball! They need something for summer tho. Everything seems to be in winter or thanksgiving time…

I was thinking the same thing

But it would be pretty cool if YYE started doing this.