The first billionaire rapper


Dr. Dre officially has the title now…


Interesting. It just made me wonder if he was better off selling, or keeping it for himself. I haven’t read all the details, but I couldn’t help but wonder. Even after taxes, if you have one billion left, at that point, I guess he wouldn’t even care. :smiley:

It sort of reminds me of George Foreman and the grill. Dre will make more money from headphones than he made with rap music (rapping/producing/selling records). It’s the same way that George Foreman made more money selling the grills than he ever made boxing as a heavyweight champion.

It goes to show you, it’s not always what you do, but spinning off of what you’ve done, to find other ways to make money. No wonder that Dr. Dre “Detox” album never came out after all the promises. At this point…why would he even care?

Cool story, if it’s really true. Set for life!


Yeah. I mean, he was worth about $100million before this anyway (I think that was his networth as of 2012). He’s been set. He’s getting older now, though, so he may be content just chillin on a billion. :slight_smile:

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Well, apple just bought beats.


I think thats stupid
not the billion but
how he shoulda just kept his brand OG


Keepin’ it “OG” will only take you so far. He realized his vision of the future was something more.


Word :slight_smile:

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Mo money mo problems?


tru tru


thought I told yA befo
I gotta keep a banga on me when I go to the stoe
-Joe Blow


Lol! OG? Do you know who owned the vast majority of that company prior to this? HTC(a Taiwanese phone company). And if Monster Cables couldn’t make that garbage worth listening to I seriously doubt the people that make those wretched earbuds will do any better.

I bet Dre sold that ish because he finally sobered up and put on a decent pair of Sennheisers or Ultrasones.
You know who makes good headphones and speakers? Headphone and speaker companies. Makes me sick these guys own 75% of the over $100 headphone market.


Mikers go home lol ;D

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I’m sure he loves haters too…


It just goes to show how far (great) marketing will take you.

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I’ve got to give the guy credit. I don’t think anyone else could sell $30 headphones at a $200 price tag and turn it into a fad.

PS: Beats suck and Dre knows it. I’m pretty sure that he actually mixes with Sennheisers. I’m not sure of the actual brand, but it’s definitely not Beats.


I actually like my Mixr beats, I’m no audiophile and I dont wear them out in public so who cares.