The Dharma of 2A


Against my better judgement, I offer this for those who are learning the foundations of 2A play.

The Dharma of 2A.

Many who procure a responsive yoyo in hopes of 2A greatness fall short of the mark. The reason for this is a misunderstanding of the process of forming the ”Loop.” In all other styles of yo-yoing analysis will and does lead to improvement. The happy 1A player finds that breaking down tricks, doing them slowly and methodically with concentration, and keen attention to detail provides measureable progress. Alas the 2A player does not benefit from the same. When analysis is applied to 2A play the result is either repetitive failure or the introduction of endless adjustment.

How then is the 2A player to improve?  

The player must form the Loop.

Any who have, within their many trials, miraculously looped 20 times when their previous best had been 3 has formed the loop spontaneously.  Any who seek mastery of 2A must do the same.  The Loop must be formed.

To begin, watch at least three instructional videos on 2A in order to understand the basic motion, the need of the yoyo to flip over in transition, and the trajectories involved.  Immediately following this, ignore all instruction received.  Do not watch more videos as even though it is important to be instructed, each video will implant a preconception as to how to form the Loop that will have to be eradicated through incessant failure during practice.

	…simply put, the Loop may not be formed through instruction.

Next, apply 2 drops of thick lube to your bearing and use 50/50 string shortened to about the height of the top of your pants pockets.  This is not the advice that all will give but it will ensure that your yoyo is at least setup within the parameters that will allow you to form the Loop.  Avoid modifying your yoyo or fiddling with your setup during your period of ignorance.

	…simply put, the Loop may not be formed through setup.

Third, and most frustrating of all, form the Loop.  What do I mean by this?  I intend to erect a signpost that will point you in the right direction because doing otherwise will be to your detriment.  Do not try to out-think the Loop.  You will not be successful.  Do not search for the Loop.  You will not find it.  Do not apply yourself physically to the throwing of the Loop.  You will not throw it.

	…simply put, The Loop may not be formed by understanding it.

Success in forming the Loop comes from an emptiness of mind that allows it to form.  Whenever the player makes the Loop it will fail but when the player stands by and witnesses its formation it will be created.  No, the player is not idle, but nor are they active!  The happy 2A player knows the “Spectator’s Eye and Attitude” that leads to the formation of the Loop and how the “Performer’s Concentration” is more the arena of the 1A player.  Simply allow the Loop to form and I promise the moment you get out of the way, it will.

You will undergo periods of frustration during your endeavor to form the Loop but you must always embrace them and not seek to end them.  Doing so against this advice will lead to a feeling of control over the process to which I assure you, you have none.  I recommend you never complete a day’s practice in this state no matter how long it takes in order to provide yourself encouragement.

When the moment comes that you form the Loop, you must witness it and nothing more. (and you will witness it, I promise all my 1A yoyos to you if you don’t ever experience it in spite of years of daily effort.)  If you attempt to understand it or memorize the sensation it will crumble back into disorganization.  Train yourself to witness the Loop when it occurs and nothing more.  Doing so you will learn more then you ever could have “figured out.”  

When the Loop dissolves. Do nothing. Simply begin forming the Loop again or go take a walk and do not think about the Loop. That Loop was like a wave and has formed and dissolved and there will never be another Loop like that one. That Loop was a gift for you and it belonged only to you. It was connected to you and lived its entire existence as a part of you. Its death is not a reason for sadness. Do not attempt to resurrect it. It is gone. One must let go of the Loops we have witnessed so that we may witness another.

Finally I leave you with this thought. The happy 2A player is a monk amongst priest. Quietly waiting and witnessing the Loop while the priests preach the doctrinal procedure of other styles of play.