The Collection: TONS OF PICS (56k Beware)

Ok decided to take some pics so here we go…

My main throw a Bluegrass YFactor with Full Ceramic Bearing

The Strings: I use Gator Floss but still have a ton of string I dont use, Gator Floss is in the container the rest is a hodge podge of highlights, Chaos, Gstring etc. Maybe its time for a contest.

The Accessories: In here I have bearings, pads, axles, nuts, orings, you name it.

The Case: Hand Painted by Me

The One Drops:

The Painted One Drops by me

Custom Engraved M1

The Offstring Yo: YoYoJam Fiesta

The Non One Drop Collection

The Loopers: Bearing Raider has Full Ceramic Bearing

The Case Opened

The Whole Lot Of It

My Good Luck Charm

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how does the route 66 play, i’m kinda curious.

u have a nice collection :slight_smile:

I dig it, its a bit hefty feeling but I like it alot. Solid construction.

Nice collection buddy. I’m a 56k’r and it didn’t really take too long. =P

How does the trinity play compared to the dark magic.

woah nice!

thats what i am wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you have a full ceramic bearing in your Raider?

friend gave it to me, dont ask me why haha I call it stupidity.

how do you stack a y factor and how does it play hubstacked

I have never done so, but I know the basic process. Basically, you have to somehow add the posts in, I think you can do that through the hole where the bearing usually is or something along those lines. Then, you can just put the stacks on. I don’t recommend trying it yourself unless you’re a very experienced modder. An experienced modder could do it I’m sure.

My guess is since it is not made for hubstacks, it would vibe a little. Or a lot. Or it could ruin the yo-yo completely because the wobble is so bad. I would recommend just getting a Yoyofactory if you want hubstacks.

Very very nice! :slight_smile:

Is the completely raw yoyo with no Jimmy hats in the Non-one drop collection a BOAR piglet?


I really love that orange Project 2.

On a side note, I really need to get a P2.

GIZZYO how dare you like that yoyo i liked it first :DDDD

Nice collection!

nice case, but why the heck do u have so many of one yoyo?!?!?

This is ibanezcollector we are talking about. He has a very large obsession over One Drop yo-yos. After playing some One Drop yo-yos you have to ask yourself, “Can I really blame him?”