The Collaboration of the Century

2013 was the year of Indie yo-yo manufacturing, and two standouts, G-Squared and MonkeyfingeR design have joined forces to mash up their two most successful designs: The Ape-X and the Triton. Both in house labs secretly worked around the clock on the project code named Sea Monkey. The result is a 56.5 x 44mm monster weighing in at 67.8 grams. The co-laboratory creation “Co-Lab” brings the agility and performance of the G-Squared Triton the comfort and flexibility of the MFD Ape-X, and the industry leading anodization from the MonkeyfingeR Design color laboratory.
Two labs, two designs, two visions, one incredible yo-yo.
The Co-Lab will be available in limited numbers at Cal States at the MonkeyfingeR Design table at a special contact price of $100, and then online at the communities best stores ranging from $110-130 depending on color-way.

Awesome. Of all the indie companies out there, my 2 favorite will collaborate. Plus MFD anodizing. Woot.

It is quite awesome! Just wait til you see what G2 Jake picked out for Colors!

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That looks sick!!!


Please no more of this awesomeness.

Wish it was a few grams lighter, but still looks interesting.

This is awesome! 2 of my favorite throws. Cant wait to pick one up at cal states this Saturday :wink: my yeti sold just in time!!