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2013 was the year of Indie yo-yo manufacturing, and two standouts, G-Squared and MonkeyfingeR design have joined forces to mash up their two most successful designs: The Ape-X and the Triton. Both in house labs secretly worked around the clock on the project code named Sea Monkey. The result is a 56.5 x 44mm monster weighing in at 67.8 grams. The co-laboratory creation “Co-Lab” brings the agility and performance of the G-Squared Triton the comfort and flexibility of the MFD Ape-X, and the industry leading anodization from the MonkeyfingeR Design color laboratory.
Two labs, two designs, two visions, one incredible yo-yo.
The Co-Lab will be available in limited numbers at Cal States at the MonkeyfingeR Design table at a special contact price of $100, and then online at the communities best stores ranging from $110-130 depending on color-way. More colors coming for the full release. Including something exclusive to yoyo expert.




Must have one. Time to roll up my change.



I must have O.o


Why couldn’t you have these at PNWR? Now I have to go drive for longer than a day just to get one.


On one hand the Ape-X had very little appeal to me overall and the Triton is possibly my least favorite G2 of the 4 I’ve thrown (was a great throw, I simply preferred the others)…on the other hand this collaboration pretty much takes everything I like about the appearance of the Ape-X and Triton (weird steps from the Ape-X, grooves and spike from the Triton) for what appears to be an interesting ever so slightly Vganic shape. Curious to see all the colorways for sure.


I kind of liked the name ‘Sea Monkey’ better than Co-Lab. Looks quite spiffy.


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I can’t wait for you guys to lay eyes on the the other colors. Something for everyone.


For me the game will be won or lost in the colourways. I’m very picky when it comes to my colours, so I really hope you guys come out with something beautiful.


Considering the kind of colorways G2 and MFD normally put out, I don’t think these can help but be gorgeous.


The colors Jake picked out are awesome! Im sure there will be one to suit your liking

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(G2 Jake) #14

Fans and Friends: While we were boxing up the new Co-Lab project, a manufacturing flaw was found that would shorten product play life. As yo-yoers ourselves, MFD and G2’s would never release a product with a known defect. Our Integrity and commitment to our fans prevents us from passing a flaw’ed yoyo to you, the community. While Chris Allen will have a few prototypes you can try at Cal States, the Co-Lab will not be for sale and the retail run will be delayed as we re-work the production phase.


so sad… :frowning:
what was the issue?


Oh that totally bums me out!!

It speaks highly of both businesses to admit a default and not allow the defect to be passed on to the consumers though. I applaud you for that.

This just means more time to save up for my missing G2 throws :wink:


So i have an ape-x, and a triton ,love them both, i need feed back, cuz if its truly a yin and yang combo of great organicz. then i do need it. lemme know whats up. this and the quake are the only G2 throws i havent owned. >:(