Monkeyfinger X G Squared Co-Lab: A High Speed YoYo Review


Collaborations seem to be all the rage these days with many of the top companies in the industry coming together to make some truly brilliant designs. Some come together because of a simple sketch, the One Drop/CLYW Wooly MarkMont comes to mind, other times it is because the two companies are such good friends that they want to work together, again One Drop and CLYW collabs or the upcoming One Drop and General Yo collab. Now we have two companies coming together from two different countries on the same continent, Canada’s MonkeyFinger Design (also known as MFD) and America’s G Squared. If I had to guess, I’m betting this collaboration was born while the two companies were talking anodizing since G Squared has been using MFD for some truly off the wall ano jobs. When this was first announced I was cautiously excited. One company is known for their rock solid, organic designs while the other is known to be absolutely bonkers in looks and design while maintaining a high level of play.

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