The CLYW Cliff is not to be trifled with...

Petr - 1
Link - 0


Wow is it just me or does it look like a backwards L?

I’m afraid to buy a Cliff now. Not for fear of injury, but for fear of being forced to quit because of injury.

Interesting review. 8/10.

For trifling would the Puffin be a better choice?


I dunno. It looks like a big gash to me.

What trick were you doing?? :smiley:

I don’t remember…hah.

Totally worth it for the way it plays though, right?

Imo Yup!

Obviously you’re going to say yes…you didn’t get hit in the head.

But yes.

Good think it wasn’t a Noctu or Steamroller…

Hmm, is the Cliff okay?

That’s what I thought.

I want one so badly.

Awesome. Exactly what my Chief did to me! So thankful I didn’t do it with a Cliff! Oww!!

if youve seen my arms, theyre DESTROYED haha.

I have a headache from just looking at that picture. May you wear this contusion as a badge of honor, an emblem of your inauguration towards becoming a doyen thrower.

Still in all, I hope to forever avoid just such an initiation.

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You know Link, that yoyo isn’t worthy of your play time. After doing such a horrible thing to you, you know. Tell ya’ what. I think you’re a cool guy, so I will punsih the yoyo so you don’t have to. Just send it to me and I will punish it hard for doing such a rotten act. If I feel like it learned it’s lesson and won’t do it again, I will send it back to you. Sound cool?

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I know this feeling.

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I was waiting for you to post something.