The Chicago Trip

A fun video I made while I was in Chicago. I seriously need a new camera. Should happen soon.

See if you can spot the bird! Hint: The Bean

For those of you who don’t know me, you’ll find the beginning pretty boring, so feel free to skip it.

Great video.

Didn’t care for the intro although… But otherwise great!

Yeah I was thinking of making that a separate video to explain the whole thing.



I liked it! Editing was choppy at points, though. You could’ve cut the moments before you threw to make the whole video smoother.
Escalator shots are always win or win related. This is also probably only the second or third video I’ve ever seen with shirtless yoyoing.

I wanna see more :wink:

More, uh… videos. Not… shirtless… yoyoing. flees

Thanks Pat. You’re always…um… encouraging.

Awesome, what was that big shiny thing in the background?

“The Bean”

Haha. That’s exactly what I thought it looked like.