Going in Blind- My first yoyo video


Criticism is welcome

camera in the mailbox… watch out for the mail man dude he might take it and sell this video for some bucks… ha good video man

Nice, but next time mute the clips so you don’t get backround noise.

How on wmm i dont know how

wow your horrible at yoyoing just quit. like get of the forum and give me all your throws.lol.just kidding.welcome to the team

Sadface. haha mw2 now? ninja?

what was that weird trick at 1:00??? it was awesome!! i need a tut

thats the last part of ladder escape at 1:00

great video ;D but sorry to say it was very similar to my video ;D good first video though… I think u copied me a bit too much ;D

never seen ur vid. witch one? the spyy pro? mine was out first bro

Great video!

Thanks bro