The Big Reveal: Final Winners!

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the winners of the Bucket Mount Video Contest.

Remember that the criteria was to be judged by several criteria, including creativity, execution, innovation, and the inclusion of the “bucket” concept. With that in mind… your winners.

These two skilled yoyoers will receive a Bandit, our newest and first full size yoyo.

5Adude- we appreciated 5Adude’s entry because of how smoothly he executed his trick, the clever 5a entry into the bucket concept, and the arm stall dismount at the end- very rarely seen, very nice!

Hiimhanshuru- like 5Adude, Hans’ entry was very smooth and well executed. Additionally, his bucket concept was very stealthy- we had a couple double takes as suddenly a bucket mount appeared seemingly from nowhere. Lastly, he used the bucket to enter into a very interesting slack concept, which i personally can’t wrap my mind around.