The answer we've been waiting for! Alexis JV

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Yes!!! ;D

YoYoJam just announced that Alexis JV is the newest member on their team! I think this’ll be a pretty alright match up. Definitely a great pick up for YYJ. Can’t wait to see what this pair will bring. :slight_smile:,72072.0.html

umm… ok. Those are awesome news!! He is great, hope he has a good time there.

A mod merged 2 different threads lol

Thats why its linked to this one

oh ok. I was like “Why did he post a link to the same thread?” lol :smiley:

I think this is great for Yyj. Great player with many followers.

Really happy for him, he likes to compete and yyj has the money to send him around.
It’s also been fun to try all the yyj models they sent him, tried some stuff these past weeks I never thought I’d try, and they sent him a LOT of models to see what he likes.

Here he is this past weekend, winning eastern canadian regionals.
What a performance!

Rockin’ the Phenom for that one!

I know it’s too early, but still: here’s hoping for a true Alexis JV signature yoyo! The El Ranchero was his jam with SPYY and was basically his ‘signature’ throw for them… but something with his name fully attached would be great. Plus, if a new one turns out to be similar to the El Ranchero, there’s nothing else quite like that in the YYJ lineup, so it’s a win for the company, too.

Congrats, Alexis!

Yay! Awesome job for Alex he definitely deserves the new sponsorship.

Nice! A great player on a great team!

No one saw this coming lol. Alexis is definitely gonna get YoYoJam out there!

Not expected at all. In fact I was expecting something like a g2 sponsorship since the company is booming and would be nice to get a top tier player like Alexis. But yyj, that’s awesome.