The Alluring Resonance of Caribou Nightlife

We’ve all been there.

Arctic Circle by CLYW
Tricks by Andrew Robinson

Just a combo I’ve been working on perfecting to make it look just right. I’m getting closer, although the end looks like it needs some work. :wink:

Let me know if you enjoy!

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That was amazing! One of the best examples I’ve seen of knowing what tricks to do at what time.

Cool video you have there! FNG is the FN-Beast! :slight_smile:

That was awesome! Better than your Dirty secrets of caribou nightlife video!

Hey I appreciate the love guys; glad you enjoy the tricks! I’ll get around to making some more new stuff soon.


That slack at :19

hot dog

This fact may take away from some of the “Alluring Resonance” of this video, but if I know the layout of Andrew’s house correctly (And I think I do) I’m pretty sure the camera is posted up in his…bathroom

How alluring

HAH…yeah, it was.

It’s the brightest spot in my house, believe it or not. :wink:

Shoulda seen how bright it was when J threw up all over the place and forgot to lift up the toilet seat. HA!

Sooo flipping goood!! Please make more videos!