The 48 Hour Yo-Yo Project


Last month I took a train from SF to Eugene, OR to design a brand new yo-yo with the One Drop crew. Thanks to my sponsors on Patreon (shout out to Greg Knowles, @codinghorror, and the rest of my sponsors), I was able to hire Clifton B. to come and document the process. Here is part one of the series.


Fun concept, looking forward to seeing the final product!


When is the next episode lol?!!

I wanna see how this thing turns out!

(Gethin) #4

woooooooooo!!! Responsive goodness from docpop and one drop!!!


I was jealous as soon as you got on the train lol. Train ride up the PNW to design a yo-yo sounds like a blast

(Mash Mastar) #6

I watched this 1st off of my youtube feed and then once again on here! I mashed my keyboard!


I want this. Hopefully there’s a gunmetal colorway.



We are still working on the yo-yo design and part two of the documentary, but here’s a short chat with Shawn and I about yo-yo design, beer, and automobiles.