That was close

Have you ever had those one of those moments when you think your yoyo is gone forever? I did yesterday with my echo. This is what happened.

This week I went camping with some friends and yesterday we decided to go to the Sequoias. On the way back we stopped to take a picture by one of the trees(these things are HUGE). While I was getting my picture taken, my echo started to roll down the hill. Luckily it stopped before it went to far but after that I was super shaken up.

So I was wondering what kind of things like that had happened to you guys.

I can’t be the only one who this has happened to. Can I?

Well once I was yoyoing while fishing mid february one on elf those freakish warm days here in Illinois when I dropped my 888 into the water similar went in and grabbed it and was coldly reminded it was still winter in the water.

Well i was filming some stuff down by the creek at my house when i threw my fiesta to my friend, he missed it and it went rolling behind him towards the creek! Luckily my friend jumped and caught it just in time!

In all likelihood, it would probably roll no more than 15-20 feet down a tree lined hill. Now if there was a cliff in the path, well that’s entirely different.

I tied 3 strings together on a loop 720 and threw it down the grand canyon. Every throw I felt like the string would come undone and the yoyo not come back…

well, it was this one time. when i was on a big cruiser. And i was about to explain to a friend of mine about the different styles of yoyoing(1A,2A.etc).
I only had my 888 with me so showing him 1A was easy, i did explain 2A,3A and 4A. but when i was going to explain 5A i was thinking “well, i can just trow with no counter weight”, and so I did. And the string slipped from my hand at the end of my breakaway and went flying.

It would have flyd over the reeling. BUT i was lucky, I did hit a person right in the head with the yoyo right next to the reeling and it fell on the cruiser deck instead xD

Lucky for me, bad luck for the person that revised a nice cut on the eyebrow <.<

Cheers! ;D