That new string on a clean bearing feels...

I just cleaned my Bape.2 and out a new string on it and it is dead silent and unresponsive. It feels so nice!

It got me thinking about all the things that a fresh cleaning and new string are better than.

I am convinced that the combo of just cleaned and lubed bearing with new stein is the yoyo equivalent of clean sheets, waking up to a snow day, getting two candy bars for one from a vending machine, finding $20.00 in a coat pocket you haven’t worn since last winter, and fresh apple pie smell.

Enough I my rambling I have a Bape bearing to get dirty and a string to wear out so I can change it again.

Same could be said about fresh cotton on a wood axle. Both feel like:

The cool side of the pillow.
When time falls forward and you get an extra hour of sleep (or yoyo time) before work.
A long country drive when the leaves change colors.
A spring hike.

And I’ll steal:
Waking up to real snow (we don’t generally get these whee I live).
Finding $20 you didn’t know you had.
Fresh apple pie smell.