Terrapin Dry Lube question

I heard the guy on Sniffy-Yo talk about Terrapin Dry Lube and I was wondering. Does anyone know if you have to take the shields off a bearing if you put the lube on? Just asking. Thanks!

If you want to do the Terrapin X dry treatment, you need to remove the shields to do it. There’s simply no other way. I would also recommend replacing the shields afterwards.

how do you take shields off and where do you get new ones? (i fail) haha

There’s videos on how to take the shields off. Use a needle or pin, be patient.

Also, do this in an area in case parts go flying, you can find them again.

If you wreck the shields, then just leave them out. Or if you lose the clips, same thing: leave the shields out.

Or you can Put one shield in and one out like I do on a lot of my bearings.

Can you just take one shield off and put the lube in?

Umm, why?

Ummm, not necessary. The lube will coat the whole ball regardless.

So should I take one or both shields off?

You only need to take off one.

One. I thought you had to take of two. ::slight_smile:

My bad.

The balls rotating in the race will distribute it pretty thoroughly.

I only take off one unless I want to clean the bearing.

Although I have heard of people lubing with out taking off any shields.

Ah, that’s probably how I got it mixed up.

One shield off lube, two shields off clean, but still possible to lube with shields on.

I rarely remove both even for cleaning. Lubing with them on is a bit tricky. I’ve done it by running a little lube around the edge of the shield and letting it sit over nite to soak through.

When it comes down to it, as someone else mentioned, you have to remove at least one shield in order to use the dry lube since it requires you to use a small brush to apply the coating. Once you’ve done that you can either leave the bearing the way it is or put the shield back on.

I tend to leave my bearings without shields since it makes cleaning them easier. I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to do this and with the shields off the machine is just more effective. It all comes down to personal preference. No shields…means you’re bearing is open and not as protected. I’ve grabbed a yoyo, thrown it and had a bearing sound like a mule was stuck in it all because at some point something funky got inside all because I use naked bearings. If you want to avoid this, stick the shields back in.

Terrapin X DryPlay requires a completely oil free surface to apply to.
I use acetone for the final wash, mineral spirits just dilutes the liquid oil, not remove it.
If you have a problem removing both shields you should not be using it in the first place.

Shields are put on bearings for a reason. To not put them on to make it easier to clean is sort of like a jogger not tying his shoes to make it easier to put them back on when they fall off…

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Does it work on all bearigs?

Yes. Any bearing, any shape, any size. Just ensure it’s cleaned properly first using acetone.

It is not needed on TX S/C ceramic bearings. They go through a heat cured treatment and never require further lubrication. It would just slow them down, especially any oil based lube.