Terminology (floaty, fast, vibe, etc) and what design influences them?

Seen a lot of terminology and descriptions bounced around, often in reviews, but could use some help understanding more in depth what they mean. In general I get what “fast on the string” means etc but more descriptions would be helpful to relative newbie like me. Fast on the string, floaty, vibe, etc… For example I’ve read something about a larger/heavier throw carrying more momentum btu also being a “fast player” which doesn’t really make sense to me. I figure a smaller/lighter throw would be a faster player in terms of less momentum being thrown around. Maybe it means faster spin?

More importantly, especially as we consider what throws to get, what design features influence certain types of the above behaviors? What shapes, sizes, weight distributions, materials, etc. make a throw faster, more stable, better for horizontal play, etc. Having this info available would be a great help so we could zero in on a suitable throw for the style of play we envision ourselves getting into.

Thanks for any help.

A heavier throw might spin with a lot more momentum, meaning a more powerful spin. Not necessary faster spin, but with more momentum, so it’ll take more effort to slow it down. Think a bicycle wheel vs those spinwheels you find on a spinning-cycle.
Depending on the shape, a heavy throw also might be a fast throw. Though the heaviest out there tends to (with exceptions) be not the fastest. Shape play a big role here. The lightest throws are easy to get up to higher rpms, though the low momentum means that it’ll slow down faster aswell (with exceptions, aswell).
Vibe describe the vibration you feel when you let a yoyo spin at high rpms and you put your finger against it. The less vibe, the smoother the yoyo will feel on your finger. It really have to do with how symmetric the two halfs of the yoyo are put together. It’s never going to be 100% symmetric, though in 98% of the times, it’s more than good enough.
Float is probably the hardest thing to describe with words, though a yoyo with high float tends to feel like it have a lot of “hangtime” in the air between transitions. Someone’ll probably ellaborate.

A rim weighted throw tends to be stable, and a throw where the weight is evenly distributed on the rim tends to be floaty. Good for horizontal play generally means very stable, and with an open stringap. Lighter throws tend to be faster. Note the TENDS TO BE. There’s no rule without exceptions.

Quoting myself here

There is more to it, but this is generally how things are.

Great info, I appreciate all the help.