That would be great!
Email your top secret hhm… I mean yoyo photos to events@tenyoyo.com :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck!

Hey can I use a wet whistle? ;D just kidding, I don’t actually own one. I wish I could enter though…

You don’t need a Wet Whistle to enter the contest. It’s okay to use your existing yoyo :wink:

It was a joke. My parents wont let me enter. The whole thing about the wet whistle was a joke.

Gotcha ;D

Hey Guys,

I’m seeing a lot amazing photos and videos from this contest and a I noticed a lot of these entries don’t have yourself in them.

No worries! We decided to relax the rules a bit and it’s ok by us if you don’t want to be in the picture or video.

We appreciate you previous entries and your efforts to follow the contest rules.

Thanks again and keep those entries coming :wink:

That’ll make it a lot easier to enter now. ;D

Just a FYI:

Contest will be ending today for “X Marks the Spot.” Make sure you get you entries in by tonight!

Did you get Mine ???

Where can we see the contest entries when they are up? :3

Added mine. :slight_smile:

We want to thank everyone for participating and making this such a successful contest. Your heaps of responses were awesome!

There are so many entries from “X Marks the Spot” it’s going to take us all day to sort it all out. Thanks again for expressing your yoyo creativity and will have the 2 winners announced by tomorrow.


Good to hear. ;D

We have our WINNERS!!! They were contacted earlier today and will have their entries up for you to see on the website. Thanks to everyone who made this an awesome contest!! You guys really showed us your amazing creativity. Cheers! -Roo

Cool I’d love to see what won. C=

Thanks for your patience, Trace.

Here are your winners:


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