Tech yo Rock A New Vid

Tell Me what you think ;D

hahaha this song is on a mix on dj hero and nice your good ;D

is it I nver played DJ Hero. :smiley:

BUMP Comment!!!

Hey your not supposed to bump something unless it is in the B/S/T.

That’s not true.

Nice tricks.

Daft Punk FTW

true, when its not in the bst you disguise it as a care free comment. lol
as samad said nice tricks, but in the second shoot it was little hard to see the string because it matched the color of your shirt, thats a no-no.

ahahah you can bump a thread in any section dude

can, you can also swear, post inapropriate videos (until someone stops you), and other stuff, doesn’t mean you should.

I say the same thing all the time but I don’t think it matters. If you bump you just want your post to be noticed. Big deal.

I always say you can do whatever you want but there will always be a consequence, wether it be good or bad.

I know, the String is orange and my Shirt is orange/pink(Next time I will use Purple String). I need a better camera so the quality is better. Thaks for the comments guys./

I recommend not using purple. Keep with the orange/pink and just where black next time. Also try to face yourself to the sun when you film, you wont get any glare. Now look at the quality of your video camera, it should look a lot better.

well, let me put it this way, it’s ok to bump a thread in a sectoin besides the bst, you just shouldn’t do it that much, like maybe once per thread if it’s not getting noticed.

That’s what Jamesofyoyo told me.