team scam

Me hotshotsmit, and bentchief88 made a yoyo team called Team Scam. If you want to join personal message hotshotsmit, or bentchief88 with saying your full name, main yoyo, favorite trick, and style of play. If you have a camcorder or camera please make a video and send it in a personal message. :wink:

                          Thank you and we'll get back to you as soon as possible,
                                              [i]hotshotsmit and bentchief88[/i]

k I’ll join

For sure makes me think your gonna scam me lol.

I guess you are inviting to… Ok I won’t do it.

As you can tell, A LOT of thought was put into that name right there.

Yeah, wonderful name…

If people are going to join, they need more information. Is this online only? Will you meet in person ever? What will this team actually do? Etc…

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