My Yo-Yo Team.

Well, me and my friend Evan (ebinballer) have made a yoyo team. We have a website i woulden’t want to give it out cause you know i don’t want to advertize it but we need more people and if you want to try to join here’s all the infermation.


All the infermation. ;D

interisting website, I’m cheching it out as we speak.

I would try to join but I can’t really make a minute long counterwieght video so sorry :frowning: I’ll work on counterweighting :smiley:

how old are you guys

After you get your team together, then you can battle ours, lolz.

You have a team? If so, what is it’s name?

Team EYG

However, I just got invited to a new team, so…I’m not really sure yet…

What does EYG stand for? Whats the new teeam name?

EYG is just the usernames of the people who started the team.

The new team I got invites to was Team YYJ…JK!!!
Its called Team Yoho, and they are really good, so I said yes

Have Fun Throwing,


We will take anyone with a camera!

im have a team its called the rgfp ;D im captin

always eat pie