Team Metal Aurora Vid (First Vid!)

Hey hears my vid for Team MA tryouts… im new to this video making stuff and am not quite sure what to do yet. Any advice and good software recommendations would be appreciated. thx

After some experimenting, here is the end result.

i cant see your string at all. if you have a light string, where a dark shirt and a dark background. l liked the mach whip, but i like to see the string whipping.

good tricks though, really smooth!

yeah i know about the string… i tried some experimenting today but couldnt find the right light where the string just pops out! Is it my camera? Or the lighting? Im new so any help would be nice. Also a good editing software… free would be nice, but im up for payin a little. I currently have Windows Movie Maker… does anyone know if you can take songs from iTunes and put it in the vid, if not how can i get more music?

Yeah, I tried to put music from itunes but it didn’t work. Next time you make a purchase but it from Walmart. Then you can put it on you itunes and have it to put into a video. Nice trick btw. What yoyo was that?

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I can take any music from iTunes, and put it in any movie editing software that accepts sound with some software that I have. It’s kind of tricky though, so I am not sure if you will get it. You have to click advanced and then create mp3/wav/ect. version, or whatever it says there. You can change some setting somewhere to make it so you can create a bunch of different file types. you just have to get it in the right file type to be compatible with your movie software. If you are having problems because the song has that weird protection thing, then there is way to get rid of that. But it would be really hard to explain. Hope that helps

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to get your string visible:

light string + dark shirt + darkish backdrop

that will help make the string pop out. i have a problem when filming too, i only have purple string and i usually only wear black

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Thx guys… and its a YYJ Speeder btw, I love it! One of the best there is.