Team Competetions

Hey, I came up with a tournament/ battles for teams, everyone thats on a team or wants to be on a team can join, my team is open too!

Rules:Rules: Must have a minimum of 1:00 video, must have at least 2 team members in videos, sign up here on his thread,

All styles welcome! Just sign up on this thread, for battles, once we have enough people we can start tournaments, when you sign up you can pick somebody or you can say “random” and we’ll pick, but be sure to include it!

Thanks, hope it goes well, and good luck!

i want to join a team but i am not that good

Join here. Just ask, it dont matter if your not good enough.

Me, manny, and drumma/yo’s team are probably gonna sign up. Gotta clear it with them.

i don’t have a camera…

We need more people to make and join teams.

so how many people sign up for this already?

buddha fusion might but you can be on my team, im only on advanced 1

i already have a team

im talking to bvhax or however its spelled ;D

So it’s just video battles with more than one person in each video?

yes, and if i can get enough people to join, then we can do a contest, so anybody gonna join?

Ey chase me you brenden hoy and Jake Edison a part to

they yoyo too? what part are they on?


a lets have a vid battle cbaxt you make a vid with ur friends and im gonna put mine together.
im using my 2 friends and i. ones advance and ones intermidiate advanced sorta. im master lvl so in the vid i have like 30seconds of them or maybe 45 seconds ill have more of me.
pm me when ready and we’ll post the battle

i got my vid ready now

Anybody else?

If anyone want to battle me, make a one minute video. Here’s mine:

hey there i wouldn’t mind joining
my main reason is to be more active in yoyoing/community

i need more info though

I don’t have a team so will the effect the 1:00 minute video?
or should i just make a 1:00 minute video??

PM me with the right information…thank you

i know huh no one can be samad…