TCG gamers asked and One drop and Toxic strings playmats coming soon. Contest :)


ok Folks time has come to rock a design on the One Drop trading card game Playmats.

I am looking for original designs that include the awesome one drop name and logo with toxic strings logo i am looking for something that is original and uses both logos and brings in T1 some how.

so you must include
*the elements talked about above (One Drop name/logo, Toxic strings logo and a design that brings in the T1 into the eqation)
*it must look super clean and be able to be printed at 14.5" x 24.5" without issue
*must not include material with a copy right.

lastly i will keep this open until may the 5th at midnight.

if we choose you design we will give you a limited edition mat (and something else cool not sure what just yet but i will have it pegged down by the time it comes to pick a winner)

this will also be the time to let me know if you want a One Drop mat or one of the awesome limited edition mats that could have your art work if you are willing to put in the time to make an entry :slight_smile: