Tarasqus or Skyline?


Should I get a Tarasqus or a Skyline?

About me:
Semi-advanced player
Can’t horizontal
Obsessed with vibe
Don’t really care about grinding
Plays moderately slow
Prefers H or V shape
Prefers quick and controllable

Help me decide!


The Skyline is very smooth. They play pretty fast but not insane and feel very light on the string.


Have you considered any other undersized throws? I don’t think either are really an excellent choice


I really like my Skyline, I traded a Chief for it and don’t regret it one bit. I hear the Ricochet is very good though.


Such as? Ive tried most of the undersized throws out there.


Smooth move
Wooly marmot 2


Cant afford any except the Minute. Tarasqus/Skyline I’m getting from BST.


Being interested in turning point i made a trade for a taraquas, the 40mm diameter seems crazy, ill lyk when i get one what i think about it :slight_smile: