Talcum Powder


Will putting talcum powder on your hands before yoyoing to absorb moisture ruin your bearing? lol because here in singapore, its so humid and my hands always get sweaty and sticky.

lol I’m not sure if the theory is even right, but we use it in wushu (kung fu) when playing Cudgel or Spear, so it slides across your hands more smoothly, and im not sure if it will work with yoyos.


Well, I use Baby Powder, but talcum power works also/same thing.

Just don’t open the yo-yo up and mess with the bearing, but if you just play with it on, then it shouldn’t kill the bearing.


Okay thanks! ;D Now to find it…


funny thing about baby powder, i’ve been using it as to not wear out my yo-yos paint, and coincidentally, it makes my string reaaalll soft. so after a few days of hard play, it still feels like my childhood security blanket.


I live in CA,its humid here too,but I dont really care,just play without anything.

(Mitch) #6

If you powder your hands then put on gloves it will keep the powder on your hands, and you get the benifit of the gloves.