Taking the Bassline for a Walk

Messed around the other day with some different lighting techniques trying to get a true black background In my yoyo videos. The end result was pretty good.
Let me know what you think! :wink:

nice video, nice tricks
but you didn’t exactly take the bassline for a walk (like walk with it)

I know right I was so ready for some dog walking action.

Great video nonetheless. I liked how well you got the lighting to work. The end result is very good.

Haha i wasn’t even thinking about walking the dog :wink: i was thinking about the musical saying “take the bass line for a walk”

Good video and tricks, however I don’t really like the black background, it’s kinda boring. Try going outdoors or something.

Most of my videos have been outside, I wanted to try something new with different lighting techniques.

Great video

you and that wrist wrap-around :stuck_out_tongue:

amazing vid, dude. I’m sure you’ll get 1st at AL this year

nice, but i was kind of looking forward to walk the dog… >:(

The yoyoing community requesting for walk the dog?? Say it ain’t so! Haha but thanks guys and thanks Chris I hope you can go this year