BassBoost - Clip Video

Hey guys, people have been asking to see the new Double-Take Industries BassBoost yo-yo in action and I’ve been a few days overdue recording my monthly trick video. These are a few of the tricks I’ve been working on this month and I’ll tell you what, the first one in the video took 20 minutes to land with wind and the combination of some of the most complex and technical trick elements I’ve messed with in a long time. I hope you enjoy it! Out of all my clips so far this is my favorite. :slight_smile:


Hey man, I have been super busy a lot lately, but to sum this up in one word, Amazing. I gotta hit you up on AIM sometime, if my ship comes in I am hoping to snag one of them beaut’s. Anyhow, looking good and I love the scenery. Keep up the good work Mike.

So cool mike. Thanks for sharing. Your tricks are so fun to watch.

Nice, i liked the style. Were someparts in slow-mo? I couldn’t tell if it was the vid or my computer lol.

Thanks guys! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: and for M^2 :wink: Yea, some parts were in slow mo, mostly to help fit the tricks with certain parts of the music :slight_smile:

couldn’t look away amazing good show mate

And our very own Born2Yoyo is making string for the first run bassboost!