Takeshi matsuura?

is takeshi still competing? because i haven"t seen him all year.


I actually asked about this recently to some friends in Japan.

From what I understand Takeshi has decided to stop competing as he has not been happy with how the judging system rewards technical difficulty, etc. Instead he is focusing his efforts in other directions that he feels will help promote technical play. He recently ran an event called Chain Reaction in Tokyo which from what I understand was more of an ‘exhibition’ rather than a formal yoyo contest in an effort to reward tech.


If he did stop competing that would be a shame. And I agree, I’m not a big fan of the judging system either. But if he did leave competing at least when left with on of the greatest freestyles of all time (2018 worlds)

I watched both his and Evans freestyles from 2018 multiple times today and I can see where his frustration comes from. While I’ll be the first person to say competitors need to construct their freestyles with judging in mind, it sucks to lose to someone’s choreography instead of their yoyoing.


This. Takeshi did a exhibition event with a couple of great players including Hakamata Takumi, Jason Liu, Kentaro Mannen and Shinji Saito. Takeshi himself did a ridiculous total of 9 freestyles by himself at the event in all styles except 4a, it’s was great to see an exhibition event of that kind and I really hope it opens the possibility of more of these kind of things in the future.


You forgot somethin

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Evan actually had a higher tech score than Takeshi. Yuki had the highest tech score in the finals

Edit: at a second look though I see where he lost an entire point to Evan based on “space use,” which basically cancelled out the point he had over him for execution and control.

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Takeshi had higher execution, control, trick diversity, and construction

Evan had higher space use, choreography, and showmanship, all definitely performance evals

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So again it’s less about pure yoyoing difficulty.

My point was if you completely remove performance evals, then Evan still wins (against Takeshi) based on tech score (and Yuki would have taken 1st). Just playing devil’s advocate (I actually enjoyed Takeshi’s freestyle the most in the entire contest except for maybe Hajime’s 4A routine).