Takeshi Maatsura 1.5 suicide

So…can somebody tell me if there is any way i can do the beggining of Takeshi’s 1.5 suicide combo ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlE34XTWa3w ) without that whip? i mean whats that? a trapeeze on my hand or…Its so hard to whip that midair.And,if anybody got more tutorials to suicides like Takeshi’s (i mean with that slack falling down,or just nice suicides) can you guys please send me those? TY!

Yeah, it’s just a trapeze on your throwhand.  You can do a normal trapeze and then transfer the string to your throwhand pointer finger and continue the trick from there.

You can also practice just a normal 1.5 suicide, which is similar but starts from a trapeze without the extra flair Takeshi adds:

And here is a similar slack loop suicide that’s a bit simpler: