Take last 2 for 85$ shipped

Hey there all, long time no post, lul.

Today I have some throws that are collected dust and need some fast cash.

Please do not hesitate to message for more pics or info.

Only trades looking for rn are, ss banshee, cerakote weekender, or clear

Top to bottom, left to right.

C3 yoyo - SHFX, no vibe minor pin pricks on rims, fun fast yoyo, and this is a special edition version, 55$ shipped

Doc pop x g2 - Respawn LITE, mint and smooth, fun yoyo, just never reach for it, should have box, SOLD

G2 - Luna, prism colorway, solid g2 smooth, wouldnt say mint, but near mint, no vibe, no box

ZRGT- Libero, has a dinger on it, yoyo still plays smooth, just not a shape I care for.
45$ shipped

ZRGT- Alebrije, wood yoyo vibe, oiled 5a played and oak. Comes with all extras but no sticker, also will throw in log cw by clyw that is equally oiled and oak. No gouges or cracks either in grain.

OD- Rebirth, colorway is duck night couple scuffs , pin pricks, one ano burn, but smooth and comes with black ultra lights, i may have box for it

MarkMont (od made)- P2 mint, with box thrown maybe 5 times, just not my thing regardless of side effects, lol. Get a deal on this for


Take these last two for 85$ shipped!!


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