FS: Tons of throws All being sold at 34 plus shipping *limited time * EVERYTHING MUST GO

For more pics message me please no trades please feel free to browse my collection :slight_smile:
Their are more throws further down in my post

The Minstars are gone but every thing else is still up for grabs
Also I take chase quick pay as well

First row left to right and so on
1 dro Yoyo - light scratch -40
2 pro sppy - used scratches and scuffs - 65 my fav throw
3 oxy 3 - scuffs and dings 40
oxy3vo - scratches 50 / SOLD …SOLD DONT ASK SOLD
5 leviathan - scratches and dings and also has wobble /SOLD DONT ASK SOLD
6 HAnny HAnny 2 - light scratches and is missing one spike 45
7 PYro - scratches and dings In playable condition SOLD DONT ASK
8 The bully - scratches and dings 30
9 genesis - scratches and sing. Fav play 60
10 Punchline - scratches and dings first gen . 40 *SOLD DONT ASK *
11 888 - with rice stacks, flat unnoticeable scratch 50
12 Tactic- two scratches Purple 30
13 juggernaut - 4 dings 35
14 Gorilla - 50

Second pic
1 yuksta - mint 75
2 44 Yoyo factory - lightly scratched 50
3 heavy cream - mint light smudge you would never notice 70
4 l3 - mint 65
5 RAzzor - mint 65
6 protege - 55
7 punchline repeater - great play light smudge and scratch near mint 65 * SOLD DON’T ASK *
8 two fat lady’s - mint 65
9 wedgie - light scratch near mint SOLD DONT ASK
10 Air raid - mint 50
11 lunatic - mint 55
12 Cream - mint 66

Gorilla - 25
Protege - 32
Lunatic acid blue wash splash - 45
Air rider -28
All together -129 +shipping
Text -9176830388
Paypal only


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What clyw u got? and do u have a onedrop t1?

i don’t have any clwy and i also dont have a T1

You should list all the yoyos in the pics from left to right or w/e you feel like . It’s gonna help people a lot. #justsaying


You can’t say they’re at cheap prices if you don’t list any prices.

Unless they’re all free.

i actually have bin meaning to do so ,its just school and work and stuff ,but i will definitely be doing that tonight .Thank you ;D

Do u have any 3YO3 yoyos, and what onedrop yoyos u got?

I like how you haven’t changed the title or listed the throws yet

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BUMP I really need to make some money by sat so hit me up I’ll be selling them for cheap

What are the yoyo’s and their prices?

Interested in Oxy 3.
Is it still smooth? Can you make a detail photos please?

pm’d :wink:

I would appreciate if you take down this post because I did infect send you your throws even with an extra throw for the trouble so now that you have your throws I would like for you to delete that last [post please . I told you I was in the middle of doing my finals I sent your throw