Synergy Caps

Hey guys, I am just wondering- do synergy caps fit the Black Knight? If so, what size?

Yes!!! mabe size 3

Happy Throwing! =]

Try giving andre a call,he could help since he is sponsored by YYJ.Just to make sure.
here is his profile:;u=2

I believe the black ones might fit the Black Knight. I have the white ones and the bag has a list of yo-yos it fits, the Black Knight is not on it. :slight_smile:

Andre isn’t just sponsered, he is captain of YYJ.

White ones are the old version, black ones are the new version. Black ones come in 2 sizes, 1 and 3. I don’t think any caps fit it. It’s caps are the same as sunset trajectory. Size 1 definitely won’t fit, not sure abt 3 though.