Sydney, Australia, Any one want to be in a film clip?

Hello there,

I’m looking for people in Sydney Australia who would be interested in being in a unsigned bands video clip. It will be on a weekend and probably somewhere not far from Sydney city.

The idea for the clip is still being nutted out but we want it to involve as many yo yo experts as possible, We want yoyos to start appearing from everywhere, objects to become yoyos, a kind of attack of the yoyos b-grade 70’s invasion film.

So if you are a bit of a yoyo expert live in Sydney and be interested in being in a film clip just post a reply so we can get a vibe for numbers. Also being a unsigned band we can’t pay you any cash unfortunately but there would be a free lunch for sure.

Thanks a lot it would be great to make something really special and spun out!


This thread makes me want to live in Australia :wink:

this thread makes me want to live in sydney

hey man if you get on Facebook and look up you should find a group of us sydney guys that would be keen as mustard to help you out with some yoyo madness.