Hey guys! I bought a SvZB (Shark vs Zombie Beaver AKA BvM) at worlds and I decided to sell it because my BOSS makes it feel not so…special. Its blue with red/orange/pink-ish acid wash and green with light green/yellow-ish acid wash. Anyways the only trade I am interested in is a Wooly Marmot but thats unlikely. I’m looking for somewhere around $90 and up! Completely mint and if you see marks use some water and that should take care off it. Its has absolutely zero vibe (unless your throw is off). It has a slight thud when you throw it like any onedrop except its not as much as a onedrop so its very slight and will not affect play AT ALL. Comes with a CLYW bearing (not the new ceramic ones) and shouldnt be broken in so you have the pleasure of doing that yourself. Either PM me or post a reply on this thread on your offer. Here are some pics!

Blue side:

Green side:

Top view:

Side view:

Green side guts:

Blue side guts:

The blue side has silicone, it’s just more clear than the green sides silicone. And one more thing, I HAVE to recieve the cash first, I got scammed once, I wont get scammed for a metal. I dont have any feedback but if you would like a reference, my mother’s ebay account has 11-12 pieces of positive feedback. Payment via Paypal only. Contact me with any offers or questions you might have.

Woops! Forgot to mention I will include your choice of 1 Gatorfloss, 1 G-string SSE, 1 G-string Regular, OR 1 G-string PX!

I don’t know if this will help, but I have seen/played with this particular yo-yo and it’s great. Nice and smooth and MINT! I would have bought it but it’s just not my style.

I’d just like to add that Henvey is a close friend and a very trustworthy seller, and I’m sure that BvM is an incredible throw.

Oh My…

Why don’t you like it? Blue side looks awesome. I’d trade halfs :stuck_out_tongue:

Free Bump for hot yo-yo.

Just not my thing, BOSS is just so…UB3R…



Just Offer guys!

1st Gen iPhone?

ANY combination of this crap?

Heres info on everything. LINK TO PICS AT BOTTOM!

Speeder is sky blue, has just a few scuffs. Im not fond of Speeders, thats the only reason i dont want it.
Plays great, its a little noisy, thats all.

SpeedMaker, The only reason i dont want this is because I have two yellow SpeedMakers that are satined. So i dont need two lol. The response is hybrid. The o ring spot is filled with some weird material. Waxy sorta. Either way, plays great. No caps.

Dyed Journey, has just a LITTLE reshaping. Plays awesome. Half Siliconed, Half O Ring. Mint

Speed Dial. Its siliconed. No dials. But plays awesome. I hate to see it go. But i really want those new YYJ’s. You can see the silicone job in the pics. Pretty much mint. Not much damage AT ALL. maybe like 2 tiny nicks.

Beat to hell DM. Cracked hubs, but covered with gorilla glue to stop the cracking. This is mostly a deal sweetner.

MFHZ. First run, but is one of the good ones out of the first run. Half purple half pink. Its got some nicks scratches and scuffs but plays fine.

Schmoove O Ring and Siliconed Hyper FreeHand2. Comes with a duncan dice. Its purple. Its got like 2 scratches thats all. I like this but like i said above, i want thsoe new YYJs

Beat Sky blue kickside. Its beat to HELL. But plays fine. Noisy. Thats all.

A mint Yellow Projam. WWith caps and everything.

Oh and a set of Synergy caps that i dont want. Mint. They fit DM’s. Whatever size that is. I think 3.


Oh, so NOW you want it, huh Jason? :P. No thanks, I font need a $50 monthly fee :P.
@Connor, no thanks, I meant offer cash, not really looking for anything plastic-ish or a MFHZ.

Ah ok.

Nah, it’s still not my style, but I want a yo-yo more than I do two iPhones. Don’t forget, you can just use it as an iPod touch… lol

Nah, I dont any of them fancy kiddy tech shinanigans. Also its pending guys so you guys better start offering before it goes!

Last chance! Got an offer of $90 so if you dont offer more its gone!

Buyer changed his mind so its back up :-. Anyways, offer guys!!!

Semi Banged up BadRep Lite?

No thanks. $85 takes it since I found 1 VERYY tini ding that you cant feel and 1 flat spot you can only see at certain angles.

Got a 80% chance of selling this on Thursday for $85 so hurry and offer!

Selling it tommorow for $90! Better hurry and offer!