FS/FT Mint Wooly Marmot and Mint BvM

Hay there people, whats up? I got a mint purple and pink acid washed Wooly Marmot. I also have a mint Ogopogo BvM with a minor Ano flaw. 118$ includes shipping for the Marmot. 93$ for the BvM! I’ll post pictures soon and in PM’s. I’m in need of some cash so I will also accept offers for these yoyos. I will also trade one these for a mint Superstar. I’m not trading for anything else thank you.

Stinks…I was gonna trade you a Catch22 for those. But oh well. Haha Jk.

really does stink though. I want both of those really bad.

Rim Satined, KK’d Envy64 with no vibe interest you at all? Rim/Side satined siliconed Black Hectic?

Eh. Lemme know what you think either way.

Connor, can i have your envy for 100? Please?

dude your really pissing me off. I and other people told you to stop writing on a dead thread