Survey Wednesday! A day late.

Do you like flat or concave bearings better?

When’s your birthday?

The third question is open for you to post anything you want, to pay your respects to Paul Ash. He was a friend and a great part of the community. He will be greatly missed.

August 9…you guess the year
I hope Sniffy is throwing in heaven


This tuesday!!!

It is very sad that paul felt that he had to take his life, rest in peace.


December 22

May his soul rest in peace.

July 11th

September 23rd
We’re going to miss you, Paul.



July 19th 1992

rip man. we’ll miss your reviews.

:’( ???

Sniffy yo always brought brightness to the forums RIP.

Either, don’t really care.

Funny that you ask, I was born on December 31st… Here’s a funny story: So last month, I went to Washington D.C. I met a girl there, she’s nice… I met her in the hallway of my hotel when playing cards… She said her birthday. It’s the same as mine! I was shocked… She said the hospital she was born in… SAME AS MINE. What’s even interesting is that our moms visited each other in the hospital… And I just meet her now? I have no clue how that happened… :stuck_out_tongue:

R.I.P. Sniffy, you will be greatly missed. I really liked you man…

Authentic KonKave is best.