Survey Thursday

(G2 Jake) #1

So I’m out of town and missed posting this last night so we will do it today.

Favorite second run triton colorway?

What’s the longest flight you have been on?

What’s the names of your pets?



10 Hours from Newark to Honolulu

I have no pets (nor have I ever had any)


General Lee

18+ Hours (LA to Fiji?) and that was only one leg of the trip. Then had to fly to Auckland, layover for several hours, then to final destination at Sydney.

Moby (mutt who looks like a husky) and Balu (weimeraner)

  1. General Lee

  2. 21 hours from NYC to Israel.

  3. No pets.

  1. General Lee

  2. 10 1/2 hrs SFO- Paris

  3. Luke, Vader, Manga (cats) and Kiwi (RIP)

(G2 Jake) #6

Arkham/freedom tie

1.5 hours

Ace my dog.



1.5 hours indiana to orlando for worlds ( also only flight)

Marley my 14 yr old dog


Poison Arrow

I was once on an 18 hour flight, California, USA to Turkey. Talk about awful, the flight took to long and the connecting flight we were supposed to end up taking left without us. We had to wait three days in Turkey before getting a flight to Syria.

I used to have a cat named Rostoom, and she had a litter of kittens, we gave them all away, except for one we ended up naming Tiger. Tiger ended up getting eaten by coyotes though…


general lee
When I went to Hawaii around a 14 hour flight
I have a puppy named paolo.


Never been on a plane haven’t been able to travel much at all :frowning:
Never had a pet :frowning:


General Lee.
4 ish hours from Cal to Florida.
(was) Muscleman.


27 hours



I have never flew in a plane.

Maple, the dog