Hello yoyo guys we are going to sale some tshirts at worlds with the legend YoYo Story, YoYo Hero, wrestling masks, some spin tops so I would like to receive your help this time we are very short in money so if you can help us will be great!!!

Tshirts 10 dls M and L sizes diferent colors
Masks 12 dls diferent models
spintops 2 dolars each

Thanks to all

You had better be careful. Selling things like that at worlds without paying a vendors fee is taboo. They Greg Cowen) will get seriously mad because he’s the guy running worlds. Make sure you sell them outside the contest area. You still may get some people mad but I doubt that. You never know. If you ask Greg by the contact us on the worlds site, He may just let you sell them. Better to ask first IMO.

Excuse me but Greg Cohen knows about this he let me do this every year like brazilians, japanese, etc

I dont have to pay anything he knows about this if you dont know about it please dont say anything


icthus was just trying to help you out, so dont go off on him

First of all I was trying to be nice to you. I was just giving you a heads up. If Greg know’s then that’s all that matters. You really should try to play nice. No one wants to talk to people that have no respect for others that are trying to help.

If you don’t like what I say please pm me and we can talk it out.

On the forums were only nice, not rude, icthus was trying to help out so you dont get in illegal trouble, were not “hatin’” on you, were being nice, hes not a mind reader so he doesnt know that greg knows, if you have a problem with him being nice and trying to help, then contact yye, but thats not smart since hes the one doing the favor

Icthus can fight his own battles, I think he’s handled this well already.

Ok Im sorry guys I didnt understand what he wanted to say, Im not good in English!!!

Im very sorry

But Also I will bring some Tequila bottles someone wants one are around $ 40 dls each… good Tequila I promise you will love it!!!

I will have just 2 or 3 bottles

Again sorry about that !!!