superwide or monster...?

what is the differances between the superwide and monster


anything else you notice that might be better about the monster or superwide.

Monster is better. there’s a reason it’s nearly twice the price. lol
I bought a superwide, then tried out a monster the same day. Returned the superwide and bought a monster despite the price difference.
The finish is a bit nicer, response is basically the same iirc, the alloy the monster uses is a bit higher quality, and it feels a bit less… mass produced than the superwide did.
Not sure how the superwide grinds, because I only had it for like 10 minutes, but the monster finger grinds like nothing else.
You’ve gotta have a pretty nice throw though with either of them, due to the width. if you throw it poorly I found that it wobbles. a lot.

hmm yea all on board for the monster i was just wondering if the superwide does perform for its price. the aluminum used for the superwide i thought was comparable to like the dv888 and popstar and fundametals not like 6061 like on the genesis…

are the things on the sides caps like on the one…

Nah, they’re not caps, they’re just stickers.
and the super wide definitely does perform for its price. but the monster performs better.

do these stickers easily peel off or like scratch …

I haven’t had any problems with scratching or coming off.