Superstar Sunday

I had an idea were every Sunday throwers CAN ONLY use there YoYo’s they have that start with an S. there are so many YoYo’s that start with an s so most people probably have one! Anyone think this as a cool idea? If so, than this Sunday will be S Sunday #1

The only throw I have that starts with a s is a Sasquatch

Thats the point, (to be a challenge)

…But I hate my Super G :frowning:

I can’t think of any throws I own that start with s, man.

I don’t know how hard it is to pick up my Supernova.
Not much of a challenge.
It just limits the yoyos I can use on that day.

Severe, super g, Sasquatch

I hope I can pick up a Summit. I would throw it everyday though so Sunday would not be special.

lol me too, bro… Me too.