superstar, 44, Big deal and small deal!!!

Blue Unengraved SuperStar

small nick on the nipple nothing a nub cant Hide.

Mint Purple Unengraved 44 (has yoyofactory on both sides) by no engraving i mean No 44 engraving.

Big Deal and Small Deal

Looking for:

Please Note I dont have a Paypal!
So western union would be preferred

Wants (preferably MINT)
Eetsit (dual tone)
BVM’s (1st run, 28 stories, blue on magenta, Shark vs. Zombie)
Martmots (Hulk Smash)
Gnarwhals (yellow on Blue Splash, Pink)
Hulk Smash (BearingGull, Hulk Smash)
1st run Project (soda Gray)
Punchlines (gold on Baby blue)

other metals are welcome just offer up
Worst i can say is Sorry im not interested.

Thanks! O0

Interested in a mint red punchline?

for both the 44 and superstar

if that’s to lopsided of a trade I can throw in something else

Just out of curiosity, how did you get that nick on the superstar? haha, it’s like so out of the way ???

how much you want for 44 woyuld a mayhame due
and might fleas what for that