Superman top-down slo-mo

Did this up for a friend, figured some of you out there might be interested in having a look. I’ve noticed a few people learning Superman lately.

As the YoutTube comments say, it’s meant as a companion to the Slusny and YoyoAcademy tutorials. It’s more like the Slusny (Vasek) one, with the only difference being that I don’t bother spreading the strings for that first hop up and then down through the triangle.


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iiinteresting, Ive always done that final wristbucket underpass (before the hop out) on the outside, you seem to do it on the inside.

edit: just tried it your way…
holy crap thats awkward! seriously try the underpass onto that same string but on the outside, that way the little loop you have to let go of is already near the end of your finger instead of closer to your body than the rest of the formation and there wont be any need to transfer the rest of the mount onto your thumb mid-hop

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That’s all over my head. I don’t even know what is meant by “on the outside”… I just do it the Jason Lee/Vasek way, which I assume is canon. It doesn’t feel awkward in the least to me!

There’s no transfer to the thumb, the thumb is already inserted before the hop. The insertion is the finger, which is then used to spread the string for an easy wide-open landing.

You’ll have to do a top-down video for me to understand better, I guess. :wink:

[edit: oh, THINK I get it now. Yeah, I don’t think that’s canon if it’s what I’m visualizing… which is fine, people are allowed to change and modify tricks as they see fit! But this works great for me, so it’d probably feel awkward for ME to switch it up… muscle memory and all that. Also don’t you short-cut it by one hop to do it that way?]

well how about that, apparently ive been doing it wierd this whole time (no no shortcuts)
You know I cant even remember where I learned it lol, I think it was from an old website about 10 years ago (not KWOS) with loads of text description + illustration/diagrams tutorials. had stuff like spirit bomb, yellow aeroplanes, candy rain etc. (anyone know what im talking about?)

yes I should totally do a top-down view, (in fact i really should get a gopro in genereal)
it’d be interesting to see how many people have their own subtle variations of staple tricks like this.

Sector-Y used to have a combination of videos and text, I believe. I’m a newer yoyoer so that’s all a bit before my time (unfortunately! Would have been cool to be around for that!).

As a side note, my top-downs are done by attaching my camera to a chandelier using a Gorillapod. :smiley: I wouldn’t mind a GoPro, too, though. I’ve also done camera on tripod on top of a table, but leaning way out. Naturally, it would fall down to do it that way normally, so I anchored it using bungee cords.

You’re right-- a lot of “canonical” tricks probably have a bunch of subtle variations to them. :slight_smile:

found it! (note steps 16 and 17)
mann I totally nostalgia’d seeing those diagrams again.

good tip on the cieling fan too dude Ill have to give that a go

I’m noting steps 16 and 17 and honestly not “getting” it other than seeing they don’t do a thumb insertion. Those Sector-Y instructions have always been tough to follow, but sometimes they do give insight a video doesn’t. In this case, it’s not working for me.

Be that as it may, I’m also noting at the very top when they acknowledge Jason Lee as the trick creator, and then referring back to the Jason Lee video, featuring Jason Lee teaching the trick!

I think I’m doing fine. It feels smooth to do it the way I do it (even if it’s awkward for someone who learned it another way) and it looks smooth in execution. I feel in pretty good company with Lee and Vasek. :wink:

not trying to change how you do anything dude just sharing info :slight_smile: