Super Rich Kids: Featuring the Deadly Spins Wrath

Hey Guys! needed to make a new video to record some new tricks I’ve been doing. In pretty please with the way it came out. I received the Wrath recently and I love everything about it! I suggest you guys pick one up when they drop. Im definitely a big fan!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Any comments, criticisms or anything welcome.

BTW a few of these tricks were made up on the spot and arent as smooth as possible. Also i am not rich lol…just the name of the song and Im not creative enough to think of a title :slight_smile:

Video removed by user?

sorry i removed it because the sound wasnt working, well at least for me it wasnt, can anyone who watched it before let me know if the sound was working?

can you guys hear sound now?

can you guys hear sound now?
[/quote yes


Ok good!

That was soooo smooth!!!

You even made tricks up on the spot!

I’m impressed!

for some reason it looks really big to me.

What looks really big?

the Wrath. maybe’s i’m just tired, but it looks really big. compared to your hands

O haha it’s not that big. I’m short so my hands aren’t that big but it’s 55mm in Diameter

oh okay. i think i’m just tired and my eyes are messing with me

Very good! I like how many tricks you packed into the video. And your whips are insane.

Are you using a long string or is that also because you’re short? No offense or anything, the string just seems long to me.

Haha it’s cool a lot of people have commented on the string but it’s mainly because I’m short. I’m only 5’6 and the string seems long.

Thanks for all the compliments! As you can see I was having quite much trouble with the wind

Wow Man. Always improving! Keep them coming. I cant wait to see the next vid with the new new Wrath! Going out soon!

Thanks man! Ill be sure to come up with some stuff for the next video :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get the new wrath! Loving this one

Dude. That was sick. I wish I was that good.

Well I think I have alot to improve on, but practice makes perfect!

Doing that stuff rightttt. Legit.

What brand glasses you wear? Good look.