Super gnarly feedback for GnarlyCharlie

@GnarlyCharlie recently organized a group buy that I participated in from YoYoManiax in Japan. Communication was awesome, delivery was fast, and everything was packed awesome. Transact with confidence!


I can Confirm. Charlie was amazing facilitating the Group Buy for Us.

Would definitely do it again.


Thanks guys! Always dreamed of the day I’d have a feedback thread on here!


I have also made purchases, trades with Charlie.
Always been smooth.


Fixed it for ya!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Also participated in the group buy that @GnarlyCharlie helped co-ordinate, and it was an awesome experience. Everything was well packaged and got some amazing throws I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my hands on otherwise. Greatly appreciate the opportunity!


Another group buy person and yo-yos where great Charlie is great. All is great. Gonna go throw my new butterfly now


Forgot to add my bit here.

Received my stuff a few weeks ago, but was so excited I had forgotten to post feedback here. Super happy I was able to get in on this group buy because everything I got was absolutely beautiful. Idk if it’s just that they were new buys or that they were from Japan or if they are legit better produced there, but these are some of the most beautiful throws I have. Almost afraid to use them tbh.

As for @GnarlyCharlie part, he helped organize and managed logistics from purchase to re-distribution (I even picked up some tricks for myself). Everything was hella smooth. My biggest worry was how long everything was going to take, which ended up not being an issue on my part.

Packaging was was amazing and everything arrived safely.

12/10 would def do another group purchase. Especially since I missed so many good throws the first time around.