i looked this trick up on and i cant seem to find two people who do the same trick. my friend showed me one way that was epic :o, and the youtube one shows another awsome way ;D, and another youtube one just kinda was disapointing >:(.

Yes, I just searched it and I too found 2 different videos.  It doesn’t really matter which one’s the right one, they’re both probably made up tricks made up by two different people who had the same name in mind.  Just learn which ever one you want or just learn both:
Oh, and i can’y find the 3rd one./

Yeah, two different tricks that happen to have the same name.

The first one is the correct super flow.
It was a trick created by Alex Lozyniak aka Alfonz in 2001 I believe.


Josh is right, the correct one is the first one.

I don’t think there is a correct one. Like Brian said, both tricks just happen to have the same name.
Maybe the 1st one is the original but…

ok i saw both already. i like the first one because it actually reflects the name because it flows well.
the second one is not a GREAT trick (it is ok) but the video is hard to learn from

with that said, i finally learned the one my friend showed me, which was neither of the two. i will explain it.
double or nothing

swing yoyo over non throw hand (NTH) and into the front string (farthest from you) and you should be in a modified trapeze

swing to throwhand into 1.5

swing yoyo under to the NTH and have your NTH pointer finger catch the string closest to you, the yoyo should swing around and into a modified double or nothing (like the modified trapeze with extra wrap)

drop front string into double or nothing and repeat.